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I specialise in Python application development. I can help you with your Django and Wagtail websites, both creating new websites and maintaining existing websites. My development experience with Python, Django, and Wagtail is extensive. I have contributed multiple patches to Django, and written many open source Django packages, which can be found on my github profile. I am a Wagtail core author, the author of many popular Wagtail plugins, and a contributor to many more.

While my speciality is Django and Wagtail, my skills do not stop there. I develop other web applications and APIs in Flask. I understand Python packaging, and have authored many packages. I can help you get your project packaged up ready for distribution. I have contributed to both pip and setuptools, so some of my code is probably already on your computer, helping to package and install your Python applications.

A clean code base is a happy code base! As a big fan of code quality, I can review your existing projects and advise on how to best refactor, restructure and clean your code to eliminate ongoing technical debt. I can develop a style guide with you, clean up your existing code base, educate your developers, and set up automated code style checks to keep your code looking pretty long in to the future.

I have experience running web applications in Docker, Vagrant/VirtualBox, and other virtualised or containerised environment. Working together, we can make your application run in a modern, containerised, reproducible fashion, increasing your development time for both new and existing developers. Once your application is containerised, I can also advise you on getting your application hosted on popular cloud hosting environments, for easy, consistent, and stable deployments.

I have worked with clients to develop SCORM training packages for their business needs. This involved translating existing training documentation from MS Word format to a SCORM document ready for publishing in their LMS. If this sounds like you, get in touch!

As a hard core computer user for multiple decades, I have experience in more than just this. If there is some project that does not quite fit anything above, please get in touch regardless.

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My standard freelancing rate is AUD $150 per hour.